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With the Homeowner's Association

Mailing Address:

PO Box 2220

Denver, NC 28037

General Information


All questions or concerns should be emailed to the address above.  Please note that emails are checked Tuesday - Thursday so thank you in advance for your patience.  Email is the best contact method.

Monthly Dues

HOA Dues are $165 per month due by the first day of each month.  HOA dues must be mailed to the address above. Make checks payable to 3 Cherry Way HOA.  Dues may be paid in advance.  Dues are not prorated.The HOA does not do Bank Drafts.

Community Guidelines


Rules & Regulations

Resident Forms

Exterior Waiver Form

All homeowners are required to fill out an Exterior Waiver Form for any item they wish to modify on the exterior of the home.  This includes, but is not limited to screened porches, hose reels and flags attached to the home, flower bed edging, shrub or ornamental tree additions to beds, etc.  A separate form is required for each item. 


Please complete the form below and email to the HOA for review.  The form will be emailed back to you marked approved or denied.  If approved, please review notes, if any, carefully.

Exterior Change Form

Storage Lot Wait List

Please complete the form below and email to the HOA to be placed on the wait list for the storage lot.  There are two lists depending on the size of your RV, Boat or Camper. 


The HOA will contact the first homeowner on the list when a space becomes available.  That homeowner has 48 hours to accept the space and make payment.  After 48 hours, the HOA goes down the list (each resident has 48 hours) until a resident accepts the spot.  If you decline the spot your name goes to the bottom of the list. 


Please do not contact the HOA to inquire of your status.  We cannot predict when spaces will become available. 

Storage Lot Wait List Form

Storage Lot 

If you have been contacted about an available storage lot space and would like to reserve it please complete the form below and email to the HOA. 

Storage Lot Form

Clubhouse Reservations

Please fill out the form below to reserve the clubhouse and mail it back to the HOA along with payment.  Please make sure that you mail your form with enough time for the HOA to receive and review it. Keep in mind that mail times are currently longer than normal.


Please check the Calendar page under the Contact Us page to ensure that your date and time are available.

Clubhouse Reservation Form

New Homeowner Information


All residents are required to carry Homeowners Insurance on their townhome.  It should be an H03 or HE7 policy. 


Homeowners are required to have $1,000,000 in personal liability on your townhome or have an umbrella of that same amount with your townhome included.  Homeowners are also required to have 3 Cherry Way HOA listed as an additional interest.  This ensures that the HOA receives a copy of your policy each year.

The HOA insurance policy covers the clubhouse, pool, pickle ball court, storage lot and all common areas.  The HOA does not carry insurance on individual homes.

Please email the HOA proof of insurance prior to closing on your new home.


Please see the sheet below for utility information in our community.

Utility Sheet

Age Verification Form

The HOA is required to have an Age Verification Form for each resident by federal law.  Please complete the attached form and email to the HOA prior to closing on your new home.

Age Reservation Form


Mailboxes are located to the left of the clubhouse.  Two keys are issued to each original homeowner.  Neither the HOA nor USPS can replace a lost key or open your mailbox for you.  If you lose your key you will need to contact a locksmith to rekey the mailbox at your expense.

If you are purchasing a townhome directly from a resident it is the resident's responsibility to provide you with two mailbox keys

Clubhouse Door Codes

The clubhouse front door requires a door code to unlock.  Door codes are issued to each original homeowner.  When purchasing directly from a resident it is the resident's responsibility to provide you with their door code. 


The HOA does have a master list.  Please email the HOA to request your code.

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